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Local action group Golden Way

MAS Zlatá cesta

Prenčov 300

969 73 Prenčov


tel, fax: +421-45-6726243




statutory representative: Mgr. A. Ciglanová

manager: J. Bačíková

administrator: Mgr. D. Prieberová

accountant: A. Kriegerová





„Our past helps us find the way to the future“



The target territory of LAG (Local Action Group) Golden Way is situated in the south-west part of the Banská Bystrica region.

The northern part of the territory lies in the Protected Landscape Area of the Štiavnica Hills. The territory has its merits like geographical conditions, exceptionality of the cultural sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the unique system of artificial water reservoirs called in local dialect “tajchy”, attractive natural environment, a diverse and unique offer for the year-round tourism, hunting and fishing, rich traditions ...


The Local Action Group Golden Way brings together 30 municipalities and 2 towns:

Baďan, Banská Belá, Banská Štiavnica, Banský Studenec, Beluj, Dekýš, Devičie, Domaníky, Drážovce, Dudince, H. Moravce, H. Nemce, H. Tesáre, Ilija,  Kozelník, Kráľovce-Krnišov, Ladzany, Lišov, Medovarce, Močiar, Podhorie, Počúvadlo, Prenčov, Rykynčice, Sebechleby, Sudince, Súdovce, Sv. Anton, Štiavnické Bane, Terany, Vysoká, Žibritov.


24 680 inhabitants  reside in the territories Banská Štiavnica and Krupina districts. Their land area is 547.43 km2 and the population density is 45 inhabitants per km2.





In the picturesque countryside

under majestic hill Sitno with completed

small-scale rural infrastructure in 10 years

healthy and educated population will live

with job opportunities in abundance

in tourism and services due to the use of

its historical and cultural heritage.

The use of local resources will be evolved

and through informatics

and common promotion

the area visibility at home and abroad will be achieved.



LEADER measures:


Support activities in Rural Tourism - “Golden Treasure”

Rehabilitation and community development - “Golden times”

Basic services for rural population - “The golden hands”

Education and information - “Board of gold”




Just by the auriferous stream Štiavnica a road goes which formed the link among our villages and

people in the past. The road had secured the business, education,   culture and prosperity of the region.

Now, when there is no gold under the ground any more, we offer  gold on the ground: In the 21st century we discovered golden  treasure of the region consisting of our fathers heritage,  right from the wealth of this land. The gold treasure hidden in the springs of spa Dudince healing water, golden rays of the sun turned into ripening fruit of the vine on the Štiavnica Hills southern slopes.  The architectural and cultural sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List was built from the wealth of gold mines in Banská Štiavnica. The golden hands of our ancestors are reflected by the beauty of our folk costumes, songs, habits and craftsmanship.


This is what we call our Golden Way, we offer it to all residents and visitors of the area. The Golden Way connecting all villages and towns of our region is winding, full of obstacles, but eventually it brings everyone to the goal. The way is a connection, understanding, cooperation regardless of religious or racial affiliation leading to our meaningful, peaceful and satisfied existence.